Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Candy Gigi - I'm Not Lonely, The Hive, Edinburgh Fringe 2014

By Laura King

Candy Gigi is a terrifying young woman who pursues young men in a stained wedding dress, and is bent on getting married to someone, anyone, no matter that she brushes her teeth with a loo brush, displaying a set of choppers that a young Yootha Joyce would have been proud of.

She also plays piano with a bunch of carrots, dances with a pig face and a large inflatable phallus, sings opera and has a strange idea of how to apply lipstick.

It was a tour de force of fearless female physical comedy seldom seen in a woman, but this reviewer was left wondering where Ms Gigi goes from here.

For all its manic energy and her undoubted talents, it is something of a one-trick pony as a show and only half an hour long. It is also dangerously reliant on a willing male victim who could easily turn on Ms Gigi or refuse to play along.

The show did not really hang together or make enough sense.

Even for a madwoman, it still needed some context. Craziness alone was not enough to carry it.

**** for raw talent but just ** for material.

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